Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at Timperley Village Dental Practice

Are you dreaming of a brighter, whiter smile? Look no further than our very simple professional bespoke teeth whitening treatments.

After a time, teeth can become stained from smoking, drinking tea, coffee, red wine or as part of the natural ageing process. This can lead to a loss of confidence when smiling, laughing, talking and eating, which also happen to be some of the more pleasurable things in life.

Reclaim your smile with our professional bespoke whitening systems, developed using the latest technology. Our simple treatments whiten teeth whilst maintaining their integrity.

At Timperley Village Dental Practice, we offer two safe, affordable and effective teeth whitening options: Zoom! Whitening and home whitening kits. Quick, easy and convenient, we tailor our treatments to you and your lifestyle.

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The Philips Zoom! Treatment whitens teeth using state of the art light-activated WhiteSpeed lamps. It works by bleaching the discolouration of your enamel and dentin. A quick and straightforward procedure, treatment will be carried out within the practice at your convenience and take only approximately 120 minutes.

The benefits of using Zoom! bleaching system includes:

  • Achieve amazing results. Zoom! Treatment lightens your teeth up to six shades.
  • Instant improvement. After just 120 minutes, you’ll be able to see the difference.
  • All in one treatment. Cost includes custom trays and gel for post-treatment top-up.

The whitening gel and trays are designed to be used after your tooth whitening at home. This acts as a booster and ensures your smile stays sparkling.

Beyond your aftercare, your custom trays can be periodically worn with whitening gel to top up the brightness of your teeth. Whitening gel can be purchased separately for this from the practice.

Take-home tray system

Our most popular tray system is carried out in in the comfort of your own home. After taking impression we provide you with custom made bespoke trays and a complete kit containing teeth whitening gel to use at your convenience.

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Many people are anxious at the prospect of visiting the dentist. We intentionally create a warm and friendly atmosphere at our practice and go out of our way to provide you with the most relaxing experience possible.

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I have nothing but praise for this dental practice. I'm not the bravest of people when it comes to visiting the dentist but my experiences here have all been good ones, from obtaining an urgent appointment if needed, to any treatment required by either the dentists or the dental hygienists. All the staff are so helpful and lovely and that in itself puts you at your ease. I would say to anyone looking to register with a dentist, look no further!

Highly recommend this dentist. Have had a great experience at every appointment and never feel nervous about going to the dentist anymore. Hygienists are also very good and dentists like to work on preventative measures to try and keep your teeth in top condition rather than having to have treatment which is the way it should be really!

Excellent treatment and care with attention to detail at every visit. Very attentive staff and Dentists, they listen to your comments about your concerns, and co-operate to the nth degree, to make the treatment and visit as comfortable and painless as is possible, under the circumstances of the condition. I am an extremely satisfied patient and would have no hesitation in recommending the practice to others.

Very impressed with Timperley Dental Practice. Fab building and location, super friendly staff, very professional and modern ways of filling forms and booking appointments. Clean and modern public areas and attentive dentists and hygienists. I was made to feel very welcome for both my recent appointments. Would recommend to anyone in the Timperley area.

A very friendly and calming dental practice. From making your appointment to having your treatment, everything will run smoothly and reassuringly. A practice I would recommend to anyone.

I was really nervous about finding a new dentist when I relocated to Timperley but couldn’t be happier with the whole team. They have been brilliant and attentive with my children, as well as myself and my dentist fearing husband.... who now doesn’t fear them! I would highly recommend Timperley Village Dental Practice.

I highly recommend this dental practice. The staff are all highly professional and very talented in their fields of expertise. I have had Invisalign through the practice and I can’t thank Vijay enough for my amazing smile. Even now 2 years on from having them I go back for check ups and I leave feeling very happy with my teeth. The best in the business!! Thank you Timperley Dental Practice